How To Make A Unicorn Ornament

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Christmas is coming up and that means that it's time to put up a Christmas tree. What good is a Christmas tree if you can't put cute ornaments on it? Grab your kiddos, or don't, and make some unicorns to add to your tree this year!


Materials Needed:

  • Clear ornament of any size
  • Glue (I use E6000 and a hot glue gun)
  • Felt
  • Glitter
  • Polycrilic
  • Marker or Vinyl/Silhouette Machine
  • Plastic cup
  • Clay
  • Die cut flowers

I like to make the horn first because I make it out of clay, and then I let it sit in the oven for 30 minutes while I finish the rest of the project.

I like to pick three different colors and I roll each piece of clay in between my hands until they look like this:


I then stick them together and make  sure that the top comes together and looks somewhat pointy.

I then simply twist all three pieces of clay together and cut the extra unneeded clay off. Once I cut the extra off, I use my thumb to flatten and smooth the bottom and make sure it's able to stand on its own.

Then I preheat the oven to 260F and bake the clay for 30 minutes. The time to bake may be different for different clays, so make sure to read directions! You can find the clay I used here

Next, I pour a good amount of polycrylic into the ornament. I doesn't really matter if you pour too much because you will be turning it over into the plastic cup to empty any access out. When you pour the polycrylic into the ormanent, pour it straight to the bottom and then turn the ornament around and around, until the clear glass looks cloudy all over.

Let the ornament sit upside down for a few minutes to let any extra polycrylic fallout into the cup. After a few minutes pass, you're going to pour a bunch of glitter (any color of your choice) inside. Once you pour the glitter inside, just like with the polycrylic, you're going to turn the ornament around to make sure the glitter hits all the clear spots.

Next comes the ears. I make my ears with felt. I cut triangles out of felt and then round the top of the ears. I use a very thin amount of hot glue to put the ears on beside the top of the ornament.

Then it's time to add the horn. I like to use a small dab of hot glue AND a small dab of E6000 to help keep the horn in place. I'm kind of the worst at keeping things centered, hopefully, you have a better eye than me!

Once the horn is placed, you can start adding the flowers! I got my flowers on amazon - where I buy EVERYTHING. I don't really have a method for putting on flowers, I just start from the left side and make my way to the right. I also like to put a few on the back side of the horn to make it look a little more 'even'. I like to use the E6000 glue for the flowers because hot glue always has the little flyaway 'strings' that get in the way of everything.

Once the flowers are where I want them, I add the eyelashes. You can either use a marker and draw them on if you don't have a silhouette cameo like I do. I use my Cameo and cut the eyelashes using vinyl. I then just stick them on - again, using a poor judgment of placement.

And there you have it, a unicorn ornament!

I hope this tutorial helped you, and feel free to watch the video version below!

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